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Take a Knee, or Maybe Two

I’m not a huge fan of the NFL for a number of reasons. Football is a brutal sport and, not unlike boxing, is causing brain damage in its athletes. Also, the last time I faithfully watched the Bears was in 1985 when they won the Super Bowl, but that’s another issue. Our president appears to... Read more »

School Lunch and Recess Woes

Evanston, Illinois supports its public schools. Last spring, we even voted for a referendum to raise our property taxes so our school children would receive good educations. Is it unreasonable to expect our school district to make changes to how lunch and recess are managed so those children we treasure can be joyful, healthy, and... Read more »

Remembering September 11

What follows is an excerpt from my book Terribly Strange and Wonderfully Real... The kids whose first day of preschool was September 11, 2001, are in college and beyond now. I doubt they have any memory of the day at all, but their parents and my colleagues and I at Cherry Preschool will never forget it.... Read more »

The Last Doll

You either love dolls or hate them. I am definitely in the doll-lovers camp. My mother adored bald kewpie dolls, but clearly, I preferred dolls with hair. I remember my last doll. My parents asked me after an emergency appendectomy at age ten what I wanted, and I proudly staked my claim to the Tiny... Read more »