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Finally, A School Dress Code That Respects Students

I took my granddaughter who is entering middle school shopping to buy a “first day of school outfit.” She’s eleven and starting sixth grade today, with temperatures projected to be just under 80 degrees. I understand that her school’s dress code gives a thumbs-down to Daisy Duke shorts and I’m okay with that. But we... Read more »

Visiting Detroit - You Can Never Go Home Again

Well, that’s not totally true. You can go home like I did last week, visiting family in the Detroit area where I grew up. You can drive by the places you lived and reminisce about your childhood. But you can’t control how time changes the places you remember. In that sense, you can never go... Read more »

To the Woman Who Blocked Traffic Because She is too Special to Park her Vehicle…and to Other Privileged People

In a local small shopping mall with dozens of available parking spaces, you decided to leave your car in the lane for entering traffic. I could tell you were in a hurry because you noticed many cords were dangling from the door when you exited your car. Headphones and iPhone chargers, most likely. You paused... Read more »

My Community’s School Calendar is Out of Sync with Life in 2017

As we enter August, the dog days of summer, the dregs of “summer vacation,” I have to stop blaming the farmers for the traditional three-month break from school that is part of my community’s very traditional school calendar. I always wondered about that explanation because farms harvest their crops in the fall and spring, so... Read more »