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Bad Moms and Forgiveness Day

Today, on Forgiveness Day, I’m thinking that all of the women who saw themselves in the movie Bad Moms need to forgive themselves, and then forgive each other. I saw the movie last night on the recommendation of my daughter. She and her friends found it funny and highly relatable. I found it sad. Perhaps... Read more »

Loss and Sorrow: Remembering my Cousin on her Birthday

When my late mother entered her eighties, she often told me about which of her friends had died that week. Before my father died, she had an amazingly positive attitude about making new friends. Even living on her own in a senior community after Dad was gone, she took any loss in stride and tried to... Read more »

Generations of Fathers

When one of my brothers did something caring for my late mother, she used to say he was like a daughter. In her world view, men did not do much care giving. Similarly, Robert Fulghum wrote this Mother’s Day tribute to his son: “I called him a ‘Mother’ in that he reflected the spirit of... Read more »

I Can’t Live Without Spell Check

Recently, a ChicagoNow writing challenge asked me to blog about something I rely on and can’t do without. The first thing that popped into my mind was spell check. For someone who loves to write but is obviously phonetically challenged, this is the best invention since sliced bread. My struggles with spelling didn’t really emerge... Read more »

1967: Reflections on the 50th Anniversary of Graduating College

1967. Quite a year to be launched from college into the world. The music was awesome but the politics were becoming frightening. Being quite immature and self-involved at that time, all I remember about graduation is that it rained in the University of Michigan stadium and my future husband and I laughed and talked through... Read more »