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Fidget Spinners: Addictive Stress Relief for Kids Who Need to Move

Fidget spinners have been banned by most schools, and rightfully so. If I were having a hard time staying focused, squeezing a koosh ball or chewing on a pencil might help. But watching a spinner and keeping it in motion would be a total distraction. These spinners are basically toys that delight all kids, but... Read more »

When Math Doesn’t Add Up

A girl hates math, so she writes a letter: “Dear Math, I wish you would grow up and solve your own problems.” Funny? Not so much. For my generation of women and for girls today, math is still a boy’s club with some token females. It is also a white boys club, with fewer children... Read more »

Tired of Being a Scammed and Ripped Off Consumer

Or Why I Hate Buying Airline Tickets, Cars, and Mattresses When I went to the seat map to purchase tickets for a simple flight from Chicago to Boston, here is what I saw: Apparently, every traveler in the cheap seats was flying alone and had opted for a window or aisle seat. There were no... Read more »

The Unconditional Love of a Mother

I had saved a message from my late mother on my phone. It breaks my heart that somehow in upgrading phones, I lost it. But I remember her words pretty well. I had just started blogging and she called to tell me she was so proud of me for something I had written. But she... Read more »

The Cherry Preschool Silver Anniversary: A Shout Out to its Founders

We hugged and laughed and even cried. There are bonds that never lessen, even with the passage of time, even when folks don’t see one another that often. Celebrating Warren W. Cherry Preschool’s 25th anniversary with the founders of the preschool reminded me of how powerful the connection is between thirteen people who came together... Read more »