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Today is I am in Control Day, but Not for Me

Bet you didn’t know today is National I am in Control Day. I have no idea how most of you celebrated this important day listed on the calendar of weird, obscure holidays. Before we address that issue, here’s a little history lesson. On March 30, 1981, John Hinckley, Jr. thought he would impress actor Jodie... Read more »

Trump’s Budget: Values of a Heartless Rich Man

Martin Luther King taught us that, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Donald Trump teaches us that truth and justice (weren’t those part of Superman’s American way?) don’t matter. There is no right thing, only the bottom line. Jesus asked, “For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world,... Read more »

Voting: How to Balance Respect for Experience and Opportunity for New Ideas

There is something to be said for experience and institutional memory. James Baldwin told his followers, “Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” So here’s the rub. We need young and enthusiastic folks to enter the political process, but does that... Read more »

Why Folks Like me Don’t Buy Greeting Cards

I went to my local Jewel to buy a Bar Mitzvah card. This has never been an issue in the past. The selection of greeting cards used to be reasonably diverse. The store still has a section for Asian, Latino, Jewish, and other ethnic foods. On a typical weekend, I see lots of people of color... Read more »

Public Schools are the Heart of our Community

I sat through a performance by the Nichols Middle School orchestra filled with pride. As a longtime Evanstonian as well as a grandparent of one of the players, I felt this group represented the best of what a public school education can provide. These kids were amazing. Here is a small excerpt from the show... Read more »