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The Women's March: Why America Needs More Women in Charge

What is the most remarkable thing about all of the women’s marches that took place January 21? The huge turnouts? The enthusiasm and start of a movement? For me, it was the complete lack of violence coupled with the spirit of collaboration and inclusion. This is one reason #WhyIMarched. Having worked all of my life... Read more »

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day – Why Did I Forget?

Still trying to tame my email from eight days of non-connectivity in Cuba, I just noticed at 2:20 that today is Holocaust Remembrance Day. I glanced at this morning’s paper and don’t recall seeing it mentioned. My inbox was clogged with the never-ending pleas to sign petitions, give $3 (but please give more) to a... Read more »

Why Visiting Cuba Made me Feel Guilty and Grateful

Just back from a Road Scholars tour of Cuba, I went to the smallish Jewel near me to restock on groceries. And I felt ashamed. My friends and I often complain that the store is lacking things we can find in larger stores. I have even talked to the manager when my favorite brand of... Read more »

Ten Things I Did Today Instead of Watching the Inauguration

Just got back from nine days in Cuba where there was no Internet or news. Guess what? Aside from missing talking to my kids and grandkids, it was OK. So today, rather then watching the inauguration of @realdonaldtrump, I found ten better things to do. Make plans to attend tomorrow’s Chicago Women’s March with friends.... Read more »

Indivisible, not Invisible

It’s a simple pledge that every school child recites. In fact, several years ago, I posted one of my granddaughters reciting it as a preschooler because she was so darned cute. I laughed when she substituted “invisible” for “indivisible.” Pledge of Allegiance from Lauren Levy on Vimeo. What I didn’t know then, of course, was... Read more »

Aunt Bea’s Chocolate Cake and Other Sacred Recipes

I’m not sure anyone will want my recipe cards. My children tell me cookbooks are obsolete. When they want to make something, they just google it and find a recipe online. But how will they make Aunt Bea’s chocolate cake or my challah or my mother’s mandel bread this way? I guess they won’t. There... Read more »