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Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton Inspires Kids to Learn History

We Should be Teaching our Kids More History in School My ten-year-old granddaughter and her peers have moved on from Harry Potter to Hamilton. Although she hasn’t seen the play, she loves the music and the story behind it. And this has motivated her to ask questions and read more about American history. Right now,... Read more »

Winter Officially Begins Today – Thinking About Poverty and Money

Every week, my granddaughter and I drive down Clark Street into Andersonville to an appointment. And every week, there he is, approaching cars stopped briefly at the red light hoping for money. I have never seen anyone roll down the car window to give him anything, but I guess someone must because he claims this... Read more »

Election of 2016: Worse than 1968? Worse than Watergate? Maybe.

Like many of us who lived through the horrors of 1968, culminating in Richard Nixon’s presidency and Watergate, I ask myself if the election of 2016 feels even worse. My children are extremely upset, and I am not about to dismiss their anxiety the way my father did mine.  On November 22, 1963, I was... Read more »

Warren Cherry: Trump, God, or Obama?

Every year for the past twenty-four years, I take the portrait of Warren W. Cherry, for whom Cherry Preschool is named, to the four-year-old classes. While the children have noticed this picture in the school’s front hall, only a few of them know who it is. I do this to keep his name alive and... Read more »