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Developmentally Appropriate Education: How to Teach Science to Preschoolers

When was the last time a teacher pulled you into her classroom so excited to show the work of her students? It happened to me last week at Cherry Preschool when teacher Ann Donoghue stopped me as I was leaving and said, “You have to see what our kids did last week. It was so... Read more »

How Not to Honor Martin Luther King

At a grade school assembly to honor Martin Luther King, a child from a self-contained class for children on the autistic spectrum sat in the back of the room with his aide. He had no role in this assembly. He didn’t get to shake an instrument to accompany a song his grade sang. He didn’t... Read more »

Boomer Nostalgia: Puzzling Over the Spirit of the Sixties

Guess what I found in the attic Sunday morning? A 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle called Groovin’ Through the Sixties – A Close-up Look at a Far-out Decade! Here’s what it looks like: Then I went to see Beautiful, the musical about Carole King largely focused on the songs she wrote with her lyricist and first... Read more »

The Art of Developmentally Appropriate Early Childhood Education

There is no better place to lift my spirits on a dreary winter day than Cherry Preschool. I stopped by the school where I served for 15 years as founding director to make copies for a meeting about kindergarten that I will be co-hosting next week. As I looked at the children’s art displays, it... Read more »

“In Other Shootings” -- Our Problem with Guns

“In other shootings.” Those words were actually the seventh paragraph in a story buried on page eight of today’s Chicago Tribune. The headline read “3 shot near W Hotel; 12 others shot citywide.” I guess the order of information in the story makes sense. The W Hotel is in a “good” neighborhood and can afford... Read more »