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Trick (no Treat) from Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois

If you have a Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois (BCBSIL) PPO plan purchased through the Marketplace, you should have received a letter that looks like the one to the right. Unless you take action, you will automatically be enrolled in the Blue Choice Preferred PPO, and that could be a disaster for you and your... Read more »

President Obama Opts Out of High Stakes Testing

Finally. In the twilight of his Presidency, President Obama seems to feel free to say what he really thinks about guns and racial profiling and climate change and…testing. Yes, he’s sorry about all of those high stakes standardized tests like PARCC that I have been bemoaning since I started blogging two years ago. A comprehensive... Read more »

About Joe Biden, Retirement, and New Beginnings

The media is looking at Joe Biden’s announcement that he will not run for President as a political calculus. Biden talked about “the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president” closing. But I choose to view his decision through the lens of a woman who took six years to retire from a career she... Read more »

Photos Become a Child's Voice

October is Photographer Appreciation Month, and before it ends I want to give a shout out to my granddaughter for whom photography has become a key into her mind. She has special needs that greatly limit her expressive language. I know she understands what I tell her and has plenty of thoughts and feelings about... Read more »

Social Impact Bonds: Chicago Plays Pay for Success with Young Kids

I’ll confess that in my capacity as an early childhood director for over twenty years, I often made the argument for the benefits of quality early childhood education. I discussed it at community meetings as a way to level the playing field to give every child a decent start in life. I wrote about it... Read more »

A Health Insurance Plan Change That Will Hurt Many

Let’s put some real faces on the decision by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) to eliminate its most popular PPO plans in favor of something BCBSIL is calling Blue Choice. As of January 2016, they are eliminating the plan that covers a mother who is a breast cancer survivor. She has already incurred... Read more »

Bullying on Social Media

My daughter’s BFF from college died October 4 from an apparent overdose. She left the many people who loved her in stunned grief, especially her husband, parents, family, and three small children. How pathetic that those mourning her death have been subjected to the cruelest bullying on social media on top of their unimaginable loss.... Read more »

Stop Blaming Mental Illness for Gun Violence

I feel like opening my window and shouting, like Howard Beale in the 1976 film Network, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”  Another school shooting. Another opportunity for folks like conservative talk show host Joe (Morning Joe) Scarborough and liberal progressive radio host Thom Hartmann to blame mental illness... Read more »

Separation Anxiety: Struggling to Say Goodbye

In politics, the October surprise refers to the big event that happens just before an election to shape its outcome. But anyone involved in early childhood education knows that while some kids cry in September, others fall apart in October after their parents think they have made an excellent adjustment. This is a preschooler’s version... Read more »

It's October: Time to Stop Writing About Writing and Just Write

Today seems like the perfect day to wrap up my version of Bridget Jones’s Diary for Seniors (AKA Writing My Book). There’s a nip of fall in the air and I want to resume advocating. So many things are happening that compel me to advocate. This week alone, Blue Cross decided to cancel the Obamacare... Read more »