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I'm Writing This Book for my Mom

When I started this book writing project, I really thought I could do it over the summer. LOL. This kind of writing is is so much harder than I thought it would be. In this Monday’s installment of my writing journal (AKA Bridget Jones’s Diary for Seniors), it finally dawns on me why I started... Read more »

Writing my Book: July...not so Productive

OK, this was totally predictable. Who told me summer was a good time to write a book? Why did I not even consider the possibility that first drafts are easy for me but actual writing requires revision and more revision? I am finally conceding that I welcome the interruptions. Ideas and first drafts are totally... Read more »

Hillary Clinton, the Server, and I Why Struggle with Technology

I feel bad for Hillary Clinton. The server allegedly in a closet of a Denver apartment. Wanting to keep things simple by using one smart phone. Really, I get it. She’s only two years younger than I am, so I have complete empathy for her personal confusion with rapidly changing technology. Of course, I wasn’t... Read more »

Why I Can't Overcome my Addiction to Blogging to Write a Book

If you are still following my Monday morning chronicle of my efforts to write a book, you are probably thinking she’ll never do it. I don’t blame you. As the calendar flipped from June to July, I was still battling my vow to stop blogging, or at the very least, to blog less frequently. And... Read more »

Writing a Book: When my Granddaughter's Photos Become the Story

When I was working as the director of Cherry Preschool, one of the maxims I followed was “the interruptions are the job.” Writing isn’t that different. Often, the disruptions become the story. So while my day may total a big fat zero for writing my book, blogging about my granddaughter’s passion for photography inspires me to return to... Read more »

Writing a Book: Life's Distractions and Other Excuses

Here’s how I have always written, even in my pre-computer life. Rough draft: Just keep writing and get everything down. Final draft: Polish and revise rough draft, adding brilliant insights and correcting spelling errors. The concept of multiple revisions and deleting the paragraph I love because it doesn’t fit is totally foreign to me. Also,... Read more »