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I should love August. I was married August 18 and will be celebrating my 47th anniversary this month. But I have always disagreed with T.S. Eliot who proclaimed in his poem The Wasteland that, “April is the cruelest month.” For me it’s August. I’m sure T.S. Eliot, who was depressed, found the springtime month of... Read more »

Writing a Book: The Next Pages Come Slowly

I have spent my summer under the illusion that I could produce a book. Monday mornings are the worst. I start the week staring at that stupid blinking curser on my computer. Then I return to writing…my diary. What a folly that I could write a book over the summer and be done in time... Read more »

Queen Anne’s Lace and the Slow Process of Grief

Yesterday, I saw a patch of Queen Anne’s Lace growing beside a highway and started to cry. I was overwhelmed by a wave of grief. My mother, who died in April, loved this wild flower. It reminded her of her own childhood summers when it grew in abundance where she lived.  She loved to pick... Read more »

Writing a Book or Bridget Jones’s Diary for Seniors

I promised readers of this blog that I would not post too often this summer, as I was going to write a book. And I am trying, I really am. What I am discovering is that this project is much harder than I expected. So to justify my slower-than-anticipated progress, I started writing about why... Read more »

Genealogy: Reflections from my Late Father

July 17 is my late father’s birthday. My father loved writing, history, genealogy, and delivering lectures. So when I found these reflections he wrote many years ago as part of the readings for my children’s Bar and Bat Mitzvot, I thought this was the perfect time to share them. They provide a window into my... Read more »

Vanya’s Baby Boomer Rant and Mine

“WE USED TO LICK POSTAGE STAMPS BACK THEN.  Obviously you’ve never heard of that. They didn’t just peel off ready made with sticky stuff on the back ­ the sticky stuff had to be triggered by your wet tongue. It took time.” These words are part of a brilliant monologue in the play currently at... Read more »

Retired but Certainly not the Retiring Type: My Encore Career

Not useless or used up – just a retired volunteer. What a pathetic headline for a whiny blog post. Back in October of 2013, less than a month into my blog, I wrote this rant about how hard it was to volunteer my time and talent. After unloading my sorrows on my friend, Marcia Liss,... Read more »