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Cleaning Out Mom’s Apartment – The Final Goodbye

As I approach my 70th birthday, I find myself an orphan. Of course, that is both lucky and sad. Many of my friends faced parental loss at much younger ages. I feel blessed that my parents lived long enough to see my children become adults, marry, and become parents. And yet, cleaning out my mother’s... Read more »

A Commencement Message for Incoming Kindergarten Parents: Advocate

Recently, I gave a talk to a group of parents whose children are going to kindergarten this fall. The parents were amazingly caring people who want their children to be happy and to thrive as they begin their formal education. I’ve been giving these talks for 25 years, but in recent years they have felt... Read more »

Rebuilding a Life Lost to Mental Illness

When we finally found the grave of my husband’s grandmother, Pauline Rose Levey, it was at the end of a long row next to a chain-link fence. I’m sure we were the first and only visitors. In the Jewish tradition, we left stones on the grave. This is a mitzvah (commandment) called matzevah or setting... Read more »

Becoming a Matriarch

I was helping one of my grandkids with her third grade spelling homework when she asked me how to use “matriarch” in a sentence. The old English teacher in me launched into a complicated explanation that ended with my telling her that my mother, her Bubbe, who died last month was the matriarch of her... Read more »

Going to Kindergarten: Looking for Answers to 10 Tough Questions

For parents of prospective kindergarteners, May is the month of worries about the big transition from early childhood to the start of formal education. In preparation for participating in a panel discussion on Everything You Want to Know About Kindergarten (But were afraid to ask) on May 19 , 7:30 PM at Creative Coworking, 922 Davis... Read more »

Mother’s Day: A Great Grandchild's Tribute to her Bubbe

This is my first Mother’s Day without Mom. When my mother died last month, my 9-year-old granddaughter asked many questions about what would happen at the funeral. I told her my brothers and I would talk about Bubbe. I explained this was called a eulogy and we would be celebrating her life and sharing our... Read more »

May is Cystic Fibrosis Month: Having a Grandchild with CF

It’s hard to describe the pain of watching someone you love challenged by a chronic illness. When I learned my 2 ½ -year-old granddaughter had Cystic Fibrosis almost six years ago, I felt like I had been punched in the gut. Your grandchild is not supposed to struggle with a serious condition. That’s not the... Read more »

Kindergarten Discipline: Carrots & Sticks

Back in August, my grandson started kindergarten filled with apprehension and hope. He is a generous, creative, spirited little boy who, while tall for his age, had just turned five, making him one of the youngest boys in the class. So I was a bit worried about how he would survive his entry into the... Read more »