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Photos in Frames and Preserving Memories

When my mother died on April 19, we had no problem finding photos to display at her funeral. She had framed pictures all over her apartment – pictures of her parents and parents-in-law, photos of her with my late father dating back to their courtship, numerous family portraits of her rapidly expanding family, wedding photos... Read more »

Reflections on the Death of my Mother

My mother, Evelyn Levine, died April 19 just before midnight. She was 91 and the last member of the Greatest Generation on her side of the family. Her passing was a huge loss for me as well as the end of an era for my family. So forgive me if all I can write about... Read more »

Play Must Follow Kids from Preschool to Kindergarten

Many years ago, the teachers of Cherry Preschool in Evanston, Illinois, tried an experiment during the dregs of winter when the children were cooped up in the gym day after day. They removed all of the gym equipment and replaced it with large boxes, fabric, duct tape, and markers. And the kids went to town building... Read more »

Why Parents Need a New Kind of Kindergarten Tea

I have given many talks to parents of children about to enter kindergarten, but the one I am giving on Wednesday, April 22 at 7:30 p.m. at Creative Coworking, 922 Davis in Evanston will definitely be different. I have promised to talk about Everything You Wanted to Know About Kindergarten (but were afraid to ask). Part... Read more »