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A Christmas Letter Between Old Friends

I only receive one Christmas letter in recent years, and it generally arrives sometime in January. (LOL – you know who you are!) I write back, remembering how important she was to me and filled with nostalgia for our brief but intense friendship. In our annual letters, we resolve to stay in touch, but we... Read more »

Keep Maggie Daley Park a Dog-Free Zone

Dog lovers don’t hate me. Before you get angry and start to write mean comments on this post, I must state that I really, really like dogs. In fact, one of my daughters is a vet, and all of my kids have dogs. But I have to vote “no” when it comes to allowing dogs... Read more »

Big Hero 6 – An Intergenerational Review

“Awesome! I loved Go Go Tomago. She was strong and brave.” “As good as Frozen!” These comments from my Let it Go obsessed 8-year-old granddaughters surprised me. But what really made me love this movie was my 5-year-old grandson’s confession that he almost cried at the end. That’s how much he loved Baymax, the marshmallow-like,... Read more »

To the Folks Who Write Mean Blog Comments

I almost never read the blog comments at the end of my posts. I did it early on and felt like crying and quitting. How can so many readers not get that I’m trying to be humorous? How can so many of them say such mean things? How can they call me an idiot? Meet... Read more »

My Thing about Gifts

Gifts are my thing, and for me gifts matter. The best gifts are ones that show you thought about the person, and they are given and received on time. Gift cards are practical but there’s nothing I like better than a surprise that delights the recipient. Personally, I don’t care if the gifts I receive... Read more »

My Sad History with Standardized Testing

I have a personal aversion to standardized fill-in-the-bubble tests. They have never been my friend, and we go back a long way. So I am truly dismayed to see this style of testing gripping my grandkids’ schools with a vengeance. You may have noticed that I am still advocating for fewer high stakes standardized tests... Read more »

The Pledge of Allegiance as a Civics Lesson

At Thanksgiving, for unknown reasons, some of my grandkids started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The ones in school, grades kindergarten through fifth, knew it perfectly. Well, they knew the words. Turns out they had little idea why they said it or what allegiance or republic or nation or indivisible (invisible?) or liberty or justice... Read more »

A Third Grader’s 10 Ideas for School Improvement

Remember the old Dr. Seuss book If I Ran the Zoo? In it, young Gerald McGrew fantasized about what he would change to make the zoo more interesting. Well, I wondered what a child would change about her public school if she could. So I asked my 8-year-old granddaughter if she would like to be... Read more »