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Apple Picking Picked my Pocket

What could be lovelier than going apple picking with my grandkids on a September afternoon? As it turns out, almost anything.  We drove over an hour to Woodstock, Illinois where there are several orchards. Unfortunately, the small one we liked had nothing to pick due to our harsh winter. So we foolishly decided to go... Read more »

To the Bullies Who Knocked my Granddaughter off her Scooter…Can You Handle the Truth?

Yes, you got away with it. You pushed a young girl off her scooter, I’m assuming because you wanted to steal it. You slapped a young boy who came to her rescue in the face. Then, cowards that you are, the three of you sped away on your bikes when an adult came running over.... Read more »

Creative Kid Defeats Kindergarten Worksheets

When my grandson started kindergarten this year, I worried. After all, he’s the kid I wrote about HERE who wondered when his preschool teacher would get her timeout. I shared my wishes for him and his fellow kindergarteners HERE. And I shared some of my ideas about how to make kindergarten more developmentally appropriate HERE.... Read more »

Today is National Respect Day: How About Some Respect for the Adjunct Professor

An award-winning professor, beloved by students at a prestigious private university, has no contract, no insurance, no office, no parking space, and no respect. The Dean of the professor’s department is indifferent to the professor’s excellent teaching skills and the inconvenience for all parties when student meetings take place in hallways and at Starbucks. Then... Read more »

Skip the Tip – Let’s Pay Fair Wages Instead

Going out to lunch with my friends becomes especially interesting when it’s time to pay the bill. Perhaps my tipping policy is linked to my poor math skills. I always hope there is someone else to figure out the tip and then split the bill evenly. But that’s not the real reason I hate tipping.... Read more »

Remembering September 11 - The Day Terror Came to Preschool

The kids whose first day of preschool was September 11, 2001 are in high school now. I doubt they have any memory of the day at all, but my colleagues and I at Cherry Preschool will never forget it. Because it was what we call pre-visit day, when children come individually with parents or guardians... Read more »

The Art of Learning to Read

When our son was 30 months old, we discovered he could read. We even double-checked what seemed to be impossible to first-time parents by taking a novel book out of the library and asking him to read it. Sure enough, he could do it. How did this happen in an era without computers, iPads, apps,... Read more »

Thoughts About the Ice Bucket Challenge and Giving

My 8-year-old granddaughter, Maya, never met a challenge she could refuse. So when her BFF called her out for the ice bucket challenge, of course she wanted to be filmed and Facebooked. But she is also a thoughtful child who wrote this on the calendar she made at school last year: In case you can’t... Read more »

A Grandparents’ Day Reflection

Sunday is Grandparents’ Day. Now that I am a pro, with eight amazing grandkids I adore, it seems like the right time to reflect back on how it all began. So this post is for my younger sibs and sibs-in-law who are just becoming grandparents. It’s also for all of you newbie grandparents out there.... Read more »

Crummy Jobs Taught me Four Important Lessons

Let’s see – I sold nylons in a low-end downtown Detroit shoe store, was a cashier in a tiny discount drugstore, and sold newspaper subscriptions over the phone. My husband was a “soda jerk” in high school, a waiter at his college fraternity, washed trailers, and delivered phone books. I helped with the latter job.... Read more »