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Breaking the Rules in Early Childhood Education

My 4-year-old grandson, who lives in another state, wondered when his teacher would get her time out?  After all, he got one for a major preschool offense – LOL during circle time.  And a second time out for saying “pee-pee head” to a friend. His sweet young logic dictated that she should also get one... Read more »

Obituary for an iMac computer

Laurie’s iMac-7.1 (2006-2014) died suddenly on August 20, 2014. Loving companion of Laurie Levy, she was pronounced dead at the Apple Store after suffering a sudden attack of black screen, followed by a loud fan motor noise when trying to be revived. In lieu of flowers, contributions (both monetary and educational) may be made to... Read more »

Starting Kindergarten the Right Way

My grandson, his face so young and sweet and innocent and a little frightened, started his formal education in kindergarten at the end of July. He had recently celebrated his fifth birthday. He was a bit worried and had three important questions: Will my teacher be nice? Can I get cookies? Do they have a... Read more »

Seeing the Other Side: Helpful in Life but Maybe not in Blogging

I have always been the type of person who could see the other side. That’s not at all the same as agreeing, but at least I could acknowledge that there was one. This trait allowed me to keep peace in my family, refrain from arguing with folks whose politics differed from mine, and be a... Read more »

Kids Are Finding it Harder to Make Friends These Days

It’s National Friendship Week and I am wondering: Why is it harder for kids to make BFFs these days. I confess I have no scientific proof that this is true. It’s just my observation. And I have a few thoughts about why it may be so. Where do kids meet other kids? Well, kids can... Read more »

Taking a Break? Not Sure I Know How

I fear I have lost the capacity to relax and “do nothing.” After many years of constant chaos raising three kids, going back to school to earn a Master’s, and founding and directing a preschool, I totally retired a year ago. So what have I done for the past year? Well, I started writing this... Read more »

For Robin Williams: Going Behind the Smile

What is hidden behind a smile? The suicide of Robin Williams yesterday reinforced what I have come to learn about funny people – many of them are hiding very sad cores. So, in honor of National Smile Week, here are some reflections on smiling. I had been trying to write a post about getting kids... Read more »

To the Bystanders who Ignored my Grandson's Accident

Accidents happen. They especially happen to toddlers. So my grandson’s fat lip from falling on his face is sad but not shocking. Nor is the fact that a ten-year-old ran into him at full speed, knocking him face-first onto the sprinkler park pavement. He’s pretty short. She didn’t see him. What is shocking is the... Read more »

A Solution to the Costly School Supplies List

Unless you have kids in school, this is one education issue you probably haven’t given much thought. But if you do have school-age kids, you most likely received an email with a supply list for your child’s grade level or class. Here are the problems with this “free market” approach to school supplies: It costs... Read more »

Can Friendship and Forgiveness Coexist?

Yesterday was Friendship Day and Forgiveness Day, but I was away from my computer, so I’ll celebrate them today. Actually, putting them together poses an interesting question: Can you forgive a friend? My answer is a resounding “yes.” In fact, it goes beyond can you to something you must do now, as August is also... Read more »