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Arne Duncan and Special Education – A Dangerous Mixture

I said I was on vacation and not posting again after Monday, but on the eve of my departure, this came crawling across my Facebook feed via my fellow ChicagoNow blogger, Chicago Public Fools: Arne Duncan Proposes New Accountability for Special Education by Diane Ravitch. Duncan actually said the following: “We know that when students... Read more »

Blogging as an Encore Career – Reflections on my 100th Post

Wow, I can’t believe this is my 100th post on ChicagoNow. When I started back in September 2013, I had no idea what I was doing or what I wanted to say. It’s been quite a journey, and here’s what I’ve learned. Back in March 2014, I wrote about ten things I had learned as... Read more »

Childhood Play Belongs in our Kids’ Lives and Learning – Let’s Celebrate Mud Day

Bet you didn’t know that today is Mud Day. Well, I guess everything deserves its day, and mud is the ultimate symbol for children’s play. Stomp. Squish. Get dirty all over. What could be more playful for a young child? Why celebrate Mud Day, you might ask? Well, despite all you have been hearing to... Read more »

Healthcare for Elders – Are We Making Progress?

Yes, she’s almost 91 and her time on earth is finite. But she’s also a mother of three, grandmother of eight, and great-grandmother of almost nine. She’s a person who was managing independently until she fell and broke her hip. She plays bridge on the Internet, loves to go on shopping trips and to movies,... Read more »

Father’s Day Tribute Over Three Generations

My father died two years ago. It still feels weird not searching for a book he would enjoy or the perfect card to send. Instead, I will dedicate this post to three generations of fathers – my dad, my husband, and my son and sons-in-law. Fathers like mine from the Greatest Generation were not expected... Read more »

Summer Vacation Ideas for Families: Traveling with Kids is a Just a Trip

Many months ago, I embarked on the seemingly endless project of transferring our old family slides and videos to DVD. As I worked on this, it occurred to me that 75% of the video footage of my children when they were young was shot in swimming pools, and it was hard to tell if we... Read more »

A Rant About Hospitals and Health Care for the Elderly

This has nothing to do with Obamacare or Medicare or death panels or any other health care policy. It’s about my 90-year-old mother who broke her hip last week. It’s about how we treat the elderly (and probably the rest of us as well) when folks have to stay in hospital. Mom’s hospital is pretty... Read more »

More Advice to New Graduates: Why “Trust Yourself and Follow Your Passion in Life” is not the Same as “Do What You Love”

There is a post from the New York Times circulating online, A Life Beyond ‘Do What You Love’  by Gordon Marino. A friend sent it to me after reading my advice to new graduates post entitled Trust Yourself and be Your Own Advisor. I think she was wondering if what I wrote might lead to narcissistic graduates pursuing personal... Read more »