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Send This Boy to School – Final Polar Vortex Post

The guy in the mask is my four-year-old grandson who “attends” preschool five half-days a week in Indiana. I use the term “attends” loosely because since winter vacation ended January 3, he has gone to school five times. That’s right, he had 14 “snow” days before returning to school yesterday! I guess he’s lucky in... Read more »

Not Your Momma's Kindergarten

As I shared in an earlier post, I have been meeting for over 20 years with parents at Cherry Preschool the January before their children start kindergarten. While there was always some level of anxiety at these meetings, it was nothing compared with recent years. When did the “I will miss my baby so much”... Read more »

Special Needs Stories – Stand Up! Advocate!

I just led a meeting for parents whose children will be starting kindergarten this fall. There were lots of great questions and some serious concerns (more about that in a future blog). But it’s the special needs stories that always break my heart. In this case, someone shared a story about a child just diagnosed... Read more »

Meltdown over Frozen Recess

My granddaughter, a second grader, was punished along with half of her classmates for playing on the ice during recess. I knew she would be among the violators brought in for breaking the rule and the ice. She loves to stomp on ice pretending to be Elsa from Frozen. Unfortunately, she lacks Elsa’s powers and... Read more »

Not Alinea But A 5 Star Experience for my Family

Recently, we went out to lunch with three of our grandchildren and their parents. Thank goodness we weren’t at Alinea! Sorry, but who brings a baby to a place like that? End of story – no more comments, exposes, or whining about an indisputably first world problem, please! Instead, we were at a local place... Read more »

Honoring Dr. King and Kids with Special Needs

Educating children with special needs in the least restrictive environment and including them in all of our communities is not “nice.” It’s their civil right and a legal imperative. Four years ago, I sat down with Rhonda Cohen, Cherry Preschool’s Inclusion Director, to write a piece honoring the memory of Martin Luther King. We felt... Read more »

Childhood Memories – The Things They Leave Behind

I recently found part of a love letter written to one of my daughters over 20 years ago when she was in high school. It was at the bottom of a stack of notepaper I was using for shopping lists. Of course, I had to read it to see what it was, right? Then I... Read more »


If you go to my Facebook Fan Page, you will find a link to my January Newsletter in Constant Contact. The world of social media is still new to me, and I am astonished at the numerous and mysterious ways of connecting things. Or not connecting because I am not sure how to use things... Read more »

Glee Jumps the Shark

On one of the frigid, no-school days following winter break, I ran out of things to entertain two of my granddaughters, ages 10 and 7. I’m not proud of this, but it occurred to me I could get an episode of Glee On Demand. They love to dance to the songs, so there was some... Read more »

Standards Driven Education and Testing Reach Preschool

Now I’m really angry! Cherry Preschool, which I founded and directed, received an email just before winter vacation from ExceleRate Illinois (could they have selected a more obnoxious name for this program?), which invited our highly rated and nationally accredited developmental preschool to participate in a new “quality rating and improvement system.”  Don’t be fooled by... Read more »