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Old Grandmas

Here’s a post in honor of my 8th grandchild, who was born December 12. Can’t wait to play with him, read to him, and enjoy him as I have the other seven! My grandmothers were always old to me.  They had grey hair, wore baggy dresses and sturdy shoes, and never played with me. They... Read more »

Truly Including Children with Special Needs – Special Gifts Theatre

One of the most painful parts of having a grandchild with special needs is watching the child I love struggle to “fit in.” I have written previous posts about many of the things that go wrong.  So many activities others take for granted are off limits. They are willing for be her be there physically... Read more »

A Very Special Sibling of Children with Special Needs Has a Dream

I used to worry about my 7-year-old granddaughter who has older twin sisters with special needs. How could I help her explain one of her sister’s behaviors to a friend who was coming to her house for a first play date? I fumbled for an answer when the friend asked about her sister, “Why is... Read more »

Children’s Temperaments – Active Kids & Exhausted Parents

This post about active children is the fourth and final one about children’s innate temperaments (and how to live with them) written with my daughter and child psychologist, Alissa Chung. Her article The Active Child – Always on the Go, will help parents understand and appreciate this temperament type as well as address their concerns about... Read more »

Children’s Temperament – Difficult Children are Just…Difficult

This post about difficult children is the third of four about children’s innate temperaments (and how to live with them) written with my daughter and child psychologist,  Alissa Chung. Next up: Active Children. On certain days with each of my children, I was convinced I had a difficult child as defined by Dr. Stanley Turecki... Read more »

Children's Temperaments - Shy & Anxious Kids

This post about shy children is the second of four about children’s innate temperaments (and how to live with them) written with my daughter and child psychologist, Alissa Chung. While it is written with preschoolers in mind, Alissa’s article One Toe at a Time – The Slow-To-Warm-Up Child is also useful in understanding older children.  Next... Read more »

Children's Temperaments - Do We Judge or Accept?

Thanksgiving has come and gone in a flash (note my tired but happy expression in the picture below).  Also, check out three of my grandkids in the photo, who always change into costumes by the time we take holiday pictures. Why waste money on nice outfits? Holiday gatherings with friends & relatives leave most parents... Read more »

Frozen – A Multi-Generational Review

Based on an enthusiastic review by my seven and four year old grandchildren in Indiana (less so their baby brother who gave it “one pacifier down” and failed to fall asleep as planned), I went with my three granddaughters in town to see Frozen.  Being both a sucker for Disney films and a lover of... Read more »

Think Education Today

Today, December 9, 2013, is Raise Your Hand Day. In its message to Congress, the National Education Association asks our politicians to champion student success by “meeting the needs of the whole child.” That means more emphasis on addressing issues like poverty, hunger, homelessness and sub-standard housing, violence, and unemployment, and less on standards and testing... Read more »

Grading First Graders, Seriously?

On December 3, 2013, the most recent scores from the Program of International Student Assessment (PISA), an exam given every three years to 15 year olds around the world in reading, math and science, were released. Despite the relentless and narrow focus on testing and accountability, American teens’ scores have not improved since 2000.  In... Read more »