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Confessions of a Twitter Illiterate

I must confess I have hit my limit with technology.  The first week of November, while finishing The Circle by Dave Eggers on my Nook, I tried to set up a Facebook fan page linked to important stuff. Then I sent out a Constant Contact newsletter asking people to “like,” forward, subscribe to, and read... Read more »

A Thanksgiving Message: Choose Kindness and Caring

Thanksgiving feels like the right time of year to tell this story. It happened at the senior center in my community. As I pulled into the strangely busy parking lot, heading for my early morning session with a personal trainer, I noticed the center was unusually crowded with people who were not normally there.  Then... Read more »

Why I am Mad at Arne Duncan Today

Today, on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy, I am sad enough and angry enough to tell Arne Duncan why I am so mad. Those of us old enough to remember are sharing where we were that fateful day. Physically, I can see it so clearly.  I was a freshman at the... Read more »

Using an iPad for Special Needs Communication – A Humbling Experience

Technology is opening doors for children with special needs.  But have you ever tried talking using an iPad to communicate?  I decided to have a two-way conversation with my granddaughter who has severe apraxia and it was a real eye opener.  Instead of talking to her and then expecting her to use her TouchChat app... Read more »

The Holiday Season: What Really Matters?

It’s mid November and my holiday panic has arrived! My personal countdown, driven by the demands and commercial trappings of the holiday season, has begun and my stress level is rising.  How do I know it’s time to start worrying about gifts and menus for family gatherings? The pumpkins have been swept from the seasonal... Read more »

Standing up for my grandchild with special needs

Why didn’t I speak up? A friend with a grandchild near the age of my grandchild with special needs was talking to me about an upcoming outing with her grandchild.  She described in great detail the fun outing, concluding with, “but you couldn’t take your grandchild there – it would be too challenging for her.”... Read more »

Reaching out to the “bad” children who struggle with their behavior

Your friend is sad lately, and you’re not sure why. Sometimes, your friend snaps at you angrily or turns down an invitation to join you.  Your friend may say, Sorry, I was upset or I’m depressed or I’m feeling hurt and angry.  You may know that your friend is going through a difficult time at... Read more »

For the parents and caregivers of children with special needs

Some of the most amazing people I have ever seen are parents and caregivers in waiting rooms of speech pathologists, occupational therapists, play therapists, physical therapists, and almost any place that works with children who have special needs.  Waiting can be very challenging for these children.  Sometimes the kids scream, cry, throw toys, have tantrums,... Read more »

Developmentally appropriate education - not time-outs!

My 4-year-old grandson who lives in another state wondered when his teacher would get her time out?  After all, he got one for a major preschool offense – LOL during circle time.  And a second time out for saying “pee-pee head” to a friend. His sweet young logic dictated that she should also get one... Read more »

Gender roles 2013: Not "Free to be you and me"

This month, Free to be You and Me, the anthem of my children’s upbringing, turns 41.  When my son was three, we watched the 1974 TV special based on the album. I even have an old cassette tape of my older two kids singing: Every boy in this land grows to be his own man... Read more »