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A good side of ageism? Kindness & civility may finally be yours!

“Can you help me, dear?  I’m 90 years old and can’t find the information you want.”  Yes, I confess – I have enjoyed impersonating my 90-year-old mom to deal with the bureaucracy and lack of civility and kindness that continue to plague her life, and mine.  I have discovered there is a flip side to... Read more »

Too Much Homework Too Soon

She’s only six – just starting first grade in a beautiful new, award-winning (translation: high test scores) school in suburban Indiana.  Her parents both work long hours and she has younger siblings ages one and four.  And every Monday, a weekly homework packet, due back on Friday, arrives in her backpack. In today’s economy, family... Read more »

Inclusion Classrooms and Children with Special Needs

Just saw a woman at the nail salon (where else?) who taught my children 30 years ago.  At that time, I found her intimidating and thought she was ancient.  She informed me she was still subbing at age 85 because she loves being a teacher.  “Good for you,” I replied.  As it turns out, however,... Read more »

Parents Need to Advocate for Children in our Schools

I often gave a presentation to parents of children about to enter kindergarten that straddled the fine line between wanting them to be knowledgeable and informed so they could advocate for children and for good educational practice, and not wanting to panic them about having their children enter a “school system.”  It was a delicate... Read more »

Kindergarten Class of 2014: Color Outside Those Lines!

The nation’s five-year-olds filed into their schools for the first time last month, their faces so young and sweet and innocent. I hope their year is filled with enough happy moments to fill those cute and somewhat overlarge backpacks they proudly carry. At the same time, I worry as I reflect back on four generations... Read more »