About Steph

My intrigue with cooking began when I started training for my first half marathon. Most of the hours I logged at the gym consisted of me running on a treadmill, watching the Food Network channel. As I passed mile six Rachel Ray was right there beside me urging me to keep going or otherwise I would miss how she created the special aoili for her turkey burger. At mile eight Bobby Flay challenged me to my own personal throw-down. And at mile 11 Paula Deen practically smothered me in butter.

So when I crossed that finish line in April I considered myself a true runner and foodie. The rest is history.

I'm currently living in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago and love trying out new restaurants and hitting up my old favorites. I may have a small obsession with sushi. Join me on my adventure as I explore Chicago restaurants, bars and of course make a mess in the kitchen!

Have any ideas for me?? Email me: stepheatschicago@gmail.com

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Disclosure: I'm a media relations specialist at the Institute of Food Technologists. The opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own and are not reflective of my employer.
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