Stephanie Eats Chicago Goes Beyond ExpecTASTEtions

This past November marked five years of Stephanie Eats Chicago and it has been such a fantastic ride. Writing this blog for ChicagoNow has been one of the greatest parts of spending my 20s in Chicago and it has developed me into a better writer and helped bring out an inner entrepreneur I didn’t even know existed. I graduated journalism school in 2009 jobless and discouraged by those who told me that journalism was a dying profession. I was lucky enough to pursue a fulfilling career in another field while continuing to write for ChicagoNow. Little did I know how far my words might reach; I was writing for personal reasons and then those words and posts reached further than I could have ever hoped.  Stephanie Eats Chicago was a small part of a rebirth of journalism; my generation might not buy a newspaper every morning, but we start every day checking news articles and blogs important to us.  Journalism was actually in the midst of a rebirth due to social media.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to cover many exciting events around the Chicago area such as the James Beard Awards, dozens of restaurant openings, important fundraisers and more. I believe being without an official title of food critic/expert has actually freed me as a writer. As a food blogger I’ve had the leeway to develop and write my own recipes, try out new products and services, and develop a unique personal brand over social media.

Although food will always be my first love I have found that writing a blog tends to include all aspects of your life. For me that includes travel, crafts, fitness and exploring all the exciting year round festivities a world class city such as Chicago has to offer.  With that being said it is with great excitement, I announce that coming soon my readers will be able to find all my Chicago food knowledge and more in a different location on the web…

Beyond ExpecTASTEtions will be the new home of Stephanie Eats Chicago!! If you check out the website now, you’ll see some “coming soon” text; I promise my readers will be the first to know when it goes live! One of the most exciting and scary things about putting together a new blog is choosing a name and the brand that comes with it. It was important to me to choose something that would be able to grow with me, wasn’t limited to only food and appealed to readers of all ages and genders.

So what can you expect to find on Beyond ExpecTASTEtions and why should you follow me to my new site? First of all, you will be able to find everything that has been on Stephanie Eats Chicago the past five years, but you’ll be able to find everything much easier! The new site promises to have sections for recipes, events, restaurant reviews, drinks, DYI projects, and product/service reviews. Readers and public relations professionals will be able to find a calendar with upcoming topics I plan on writing about and it will be super easy to connect with me via social media. You can even expect some guest posts from other bloggers and experts in the food and drink world!

As scary as it is to step out of my comfort zone and the helping hand of the Chicago Tribune, I know that Beyond ExpecTASTEtions is the next step of a much longer journey in my blogger life.

Keep your eyes out for my new website coming soon:


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