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Living with PPD: gaining perspective

Living with PPD: gaining perspective
He’s covered in blueberries. There are blueberries in his hair, and up his nose. It’s on his clothes (bibs just slow the inevitable mess). There are blueberries on my chair. There are blueberries on the floor, and, at the risk of sounding like Seuss, there are blueberries on more. The kid is a mess. A... Read more »

What my family photo doesn't say

The adage is that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” I’ve always loved that saying, and have frequently found myself going back to old pictures and remembering the tale they have to tell. Today my mind is spinning about what my family photo does not say. A friend and photographer, Cynthia Robertson, snapped this... Read more »

Postpartum depression: my personal experience living with PPD

I love the Golden Girls with all of my heart. There’s this episode where Rose goes bat shit crazy and buys a gun because she’s afraid of getting robbed. Super slutty Blanche and her boytoy open the door one night after canoodling near the front door and Rose almost blows their brains out. Sophia delivers... Read more »