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Writing About Why I Haven’t Been Writing Lately…

Excuse me while I blow the dust off of my side of the Stable Mable kingdom because, real talk, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been here. Sorry for that or you’re welcome for that…depending on how you feel about Mable Sarah, I suppose. The last few months have not been anything crazy but... Read more »

The Fall of Postpartum Progress: Who will help the warrior moms?

The Fall of Postpartum Progress: Who will help the warrior moms?
Earlier this week, in a sort of rug-from-right-underneath you move, Postpartum Progress announced that it would shut down completely. I’ve sat on the news a bit, scanning comments and googling articles (I’ve not found many) to see what I could find about the collapse of the national nonprofit that served as a pillar in the... Read more »

Talking to my son about Depression

4 year olds are interesting. Important details and directions, such as which shoe to wear on which foot, when to come while being called, and where exactly all those toys go when you away when you are done with them, simply eludes them daily. Other details, detail you DON’T want them to catch pique their... Read more »

May is Perinatal Mood Disorder Awareness month

May is an important month in Illinois. The flowers are beginning to bloom and the school year is drawing to a close. Good moods and excitement for the upcoming summer abound. Growing baby bumps seem to be everywhere as people slough off the extra layers they’ve been piling on all winter—and portions of this spring.... Read more »

A million points of light: My experience performing with Listen To Your Mother

A million points of light: My experience performing with Listen To Your Mother
I did this thing yesterday where I got the chance to perform as a 2016 cast member of Chicago’s Listen To Your Mother. It’s this motherhood series, movement really, where real people get the chance to tell their stories. These are not trained mom actors, rather real women (and men) that choose to stand up... Read more »

How old t-shirts taught me I was done with the baby days

We have it pretty easy dressing two boys. We had such an abundance of clothes from our first son, and we (me, really) were great at organizing them by size and storing them away for kiddo #2. We lucked out with two boys, and when we need a new size we just head out to... Read more »

What I Wish I Could Tell Every New Mom about Postpartum Depression.

For a long time I was really embarrassed to admit something about my post-birth life. It wasn’t my jiggly belly or raging under-eye bags, but my battle with mild postpartum depression. My fellow Mable Megan has written about her experience with PPD and I’m so proud of her and others that share their stories. There... Read more »

Why baby toys made me cry... a lot

Christmas brought a new load of toys. The Type A personality in me needed to start clearing out the old to make room for the new. While in my youngest’s room, I came across this wonderful mishmash of teethers, (never used) pacifiers, and play rings. We have no discernible need for these guys  (we have... Read more »

What I've learned about strong women

I’ve learned a thing or two about strong women in my day. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by many, many strong women, and I can’t help but learn from the positive example they set. Sometimes these women aren’t aware of their strength. Sometimes they never intended to be strong, but are inescapably so. Here’s... Read more »

I applaud Hayden Panettiere's real talk about Postpartum Depression

I’m not a morning television watcher, but Hayden Panettiere’s recent appearance on a morning show made its way to me via a dear Stable Mable viewer. After watching the clip, I want to stand and cheer, and bear hug the hell outta that beautiful woman after she took a stand for mothers experiencing postpartum depression.... Read more »