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We make it too hard

We make it too hard, much too hard. We take life and make it a competition, a space without room for failure, a crushing need for perfection. Taking the reins and assuming all the responsibilities that go along with adulthood, parenthood, and other hoods has never been easy, but we, the modern parent, are making... Read more »

On Kindergarten and full hugs

My mom warned me that it was going to happen. “Just wait,” she said, “Things will change once he goes to school all day.” And they did. They changed just as she predicted; the little boy who I put on the bus for the first time just a few months ago is becoming a new... Read more »

3 things you should know about being the mom of a twice-exceptional child

I battled with myself a bit about this post. I am happy to divulge all the information when the information is mine, but this particular issue centers around my son, who is incredible and independent of me. Indeed, one day he will be entirely his own entity and this story will be his to tell... Read more »

It takes a village to get an emotional mother to Kindergarten

It takes a village to get an emotional mother to Kindergarten…and I’m incredibly lucky to have a fantastic group of friends and family. Though, I’ll have to admit that they might feeling like they aren’t quite as lucky to have me on this fine evening. They’ve been working overtime enduring frantic texts, random questions, whiny... Read more »

Raising Children in a Dark, Heavy World

The world feels very heavy right now. Every single news article feels like there is this looming dark cloud over it. Raising children in this constantly devastating news cycle and seemingly insane world is hard. I read the news about the tragedy in Virginia, the newest tragedy in what seems like a never-ending cycle, and... Read more »

3 things my kids have taught me

Comparatively speaking, I’m barely off the starting line of parenthood. I’m watching a few of my friends lap me as their children become adults, but for the most part, my friends and I are caught in the constant hustle of just trying to keep up with these little ones. The days seem like a blur,... Read more »

3 reasons potty training is THE WORST

We are in the throes of potty training our youngest and I’m done. I’m done with diapers and undewear. I’m done with victories and setbacks. I’m done with carpet cleaners and reward stickers. I’M DONE. I’m sure if I stop now, #2 will figure it out by kindergarten, right? Or at least by the time... Read more »

Toddler Boogers & Stretchmarks & What Else the World Needs.

::blows dust off keyboard:: Oh, hey! It’s been a minute since you were hanging out with Mable Sarah, huh? There are a million excuses for the excessive delay on my end that include adjusting to having two very young children, life’s responsibilities, work, the holidays, I’m tired, the world is in a weird place right... Read more »

Motherhood Stage 3: A bag full of socks and cookies

I went to Target last night. I told myself it was for “essentials,” but you and I both know better. I had a tip that the Dollar Spot was chock full of slipper socks. If you know me, you know I live for the Dollar Spot. If you know my kids, you know they have... Read more »

For the days you are feeling like the Least Valuable Player

There are no recognition awards in motherhood. No one is going to offer you a plaque for x amount of years of service. There’s no lateral movement, no raises to obtain. Hell, there’s no performance report (I’d get a needs improvement from my 5 year old who just cannot UNDERSTAND WHY! I limit his screen... Read more »