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Mable Megan's back- to -school organization pep talk

Mable Megan's back- to -school organization pep talk
FULL DISCLOSURE: This pep talk is for me. I need “the talk” so my life doesn’t fall to shambles once that school bus rolls down the street. Bonus if any of what I have to say helps you. Double bonus if any of what you have to say can help me… So, school time is... Read more »

3 reasons potty training is THE WORST

We are in the throes of potty training our youngest and I’m done. I’m done with diapers and undewear. I’m done with victories and setbacks. I’m done with carpet cleaners and reward stickers. I’M DONE. I’m sure if I stop now, #2 will figure it out by kindergarten, right? Or at least by the time... Read more »

How old t-shirts taught me I was done with the baby days

We have it pretty easy dressing two boys. We had such an abundance of clothes from our first son, and we (me, really) were great at organizing them by size and storing them away for kiddo #2. We lucked out with two boys, and when we need a new size we just head out to... Read more »

In defense of imperfect moms

I’m an imperfect mom. I will unabashedly admit it. I’ll also defend it; I’ll defend imperfect moms and stand up for these ladies who are doing the best they can. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: motherhood is a tough gig. It’s a hundred different jobs rolled into one never- ending position.... Read more »

How to take a shower by yourself in 15 easy steps

How to take a shower by yourself in 15 easy steps
Many may be reading this and wondering why in the world I’m penning a “how to” about showering solo. Moreover, a number of you may be questioning how this seemingly simple activity takes 15 steps. For most of us, showering occurs when you 1. Decide to shower 2. Get up and enter the shower, and... Read more »

Why I'm unplugging my children

For their own well being, I am choosing to unplug my children. Yes, we are going to be that weird house where the television isn’t the center of attention. Yes, we are going to have those kids that stare mesmerized at video games on your cell phone. No, I don’t care if they watch a... Read more »

If I could keep them little forever...

If I could keep them little forever, I would. It’s selfish. I know I need to let them grow. I’m excited to see the choices they will make. I want to watch them find themselves. I even want to see them fail, and learn to come back from failure. I want to see the fine... Read more »

On Mother's Day: A newbie's wish and a veteran's wisdom

Megan Drozd and Leslie Kahn are two “mommy bloggers” with ChicagoNow. Though they come from different generations, they share an intense love for their children, humor, and friendship. This is one of two collaborative posts on the theme of motherhood. Please visit the second post through the link provided at the conclusion of this piece.... Read more »

Teaching love, acceptance, and pride

If it was possible to reach out through the internet and give y’all a big ‘ol wet kiss I would do it. I’d be smooching for a while after all the support my last post about tattooed parents received. I want to thank you—friends and strangers alike—for showing such positive support of tattooed parents. Through... Read more »

Moms with tattoos: are we as horrible as everyone thinks we are?

Ah yes, the sweet smell of spring is in the air. Chicagoans start the process of peeling off the 15 layers of clothing they wear to keep warm during what seems like a never ending winter. Legs get shaved, toes polished, and arms see the light of day. For me, another season starts: tattooed-mom judgment... Read more »