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On Kindergarten and full hugs

My mom warned me that it was going to happen. “Just wait,” she said, “Things will change once he goes to school all day.” And they did. They changed just as she predicted; the little boy who I put on the bus for the first time just a few months ago is becoming a new... Read more »

Thankful for the bonus days of summer

Look, I hate coats. I didn’t use to loathe them quite the same way before I had kids. In fact, in the past I looked forward to burrowing in my favorite jacket and hood. Now, the thought of outwear straight ticks me off.  It’s all because I’ve learned of the exquisite torture of being tasked... Read more »

It takes a village to get an emotional mother to Kindergarten

It takes a village to get an emotional mother to Kindergarten…and I’m incredibly lucky to have a fantastic group of friends and family. Though, I’ll have to admit that they might feeling like they aren’t quite as lucky to have me on this fine evening. They’ve been working overtime enduring frantic texts, random questions, whiny... Read more »

Raising Children in a Dark, Heavy World

The world feels very heavy right now. Every single news article feels like there is this looming dark cloud over it. Raising children in this constantly devastating news cycle and seemingly insane world is hard. I read the news about the tragedy in Virginia, the newest tragedy in what seems like a never-ending cycle, and... Read more »

Mable Megan's back- to -school organization pep talk

Mable Megan's back- to -school organization pep talk
FULL DISCLOSURE: This pep talk is for me. I need “the talk” so my life doesn’t fall to shambles once that school bus rolls down the street. Bonus if any of what I have to say helps you. Double bonus if any of what you have to say can help me… So, school time is... Read more »

How to Survive Toddler Tantrums….Or Not.

Toddler tantrums are the pits. Yesterday my darling baby angel nearly three year melted down in the grocery store. To better the situation my younger son was also crabby and I was buying Midol and cat litter so in case you’re wondering: yes, I was living the dream. Older son’s tantrum was one in a... Read more »

Take Care of Yourself Out There: Self Care for Human People in 2017

Mondays can be stressful. Motherhood can be stressful. Being a human person in 2017 can be, you’ve got it, stressful. “Self care” has become a bit of a buzzterm but make no bones about it: in this world, ladies we gotta take care of ourselves. I learned this the hard way when not caring for... Read more »

Writing About Why I Haven’t Been Writing Lately…

Excuse me while I blow the dust off of my side of the Stable Mable kingdom because, real talk, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been here. Sorry for that or you’re welcome for that…depending on how you feel about Mable Sarah, I suppose. The last few months have not been anything crazy but... Read more »

3 things my kids have taught me

Comparatively speaking, I’m barely off the starting line of parenthood. I’m watching a few of my friends lap me as their children become adults, but for the most part, my friends and I are caught in the constant hustle of just trying to keep up with these little ones. The days seem like a blur,... Read more »

I went to the Chicago Women's March and all I got was kindness, respect and a renewed faith in democracy

I’ve gotten to do some pretty awesome things in my life. I’ve traveled to lovely places, learned powerful ideas, married the love of my life, and even grew a person or two. Participating today at the Chicago Women’s March is very high up on my list of incredible life events. I shared this event with... Read more »