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I went to the Chicago Women's March and all I got was kindness, respect and a renewed faith in democracy

I’ve gotten to do some pretty awesome things in my life. I’ve traveled to lovely places, learned powerful ideas, married the love of my life, and even grew a person or two. Participating today at the Chicago Women’s March is very high up on my list of incredible life events. I shared this event with... Read more »

3 reasons potty training is THE WORST

We are in the throes of potty training our youngest and I’m done. I’m done with diapers and undewear. I’m done with victories and setbacks. I’m done with carpet cleaners and reward stickers. I’M DONE. I’m sure if I stop now, #2 will figure it out by kindergarten, right? Or at least by the time... Read more »

5 perks of being a mom

5 perks of being a mom
Apparently being a mom is a big deal these days. I’m one in a veritable army of mommy/lifestyle/personal bloggers. Everyone is all #momlife these days, and mommying ain’t easy in the motherHOOD (I’ve been on social media TOO LONG). Anyway, tasked with such a tough job, it’s easy for moms to complain from time to... Read more »

Motherhood Stage 3: A bag full of socks and cookies

I went to Target last night. I told myself it was for “essentials,” but you and I both know better. I had a tip that the Dollar Spot was chock full of slipper socks. If you know me, you know I live for the Dollar Spot. If you know my kids, you know they have... Read more »

What the Cubs win will teach my sons

I remember my first Cubs game with my parents. We sat in nearly empty seats, and everyone was more excited about gobbling down ballpark food than actually watching the game. I remember my Dad telling me the truth about being a Cubs fan. “You are a Cubs fan and it isn’t about winning.” I remained... Read more »

6 more days

I think I’m losing hair over this election (I refuse to believe that it could, in fact, be aging related). I’m certainly stressed…and baffled, bewildered, and befuddled. I have absolutely no idea how America, home of the best and the brightest, has let an absolute buffoon run for President. Nay, we haven’t just let him... Read more »

Signs to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am...

Signs to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am...
stuck in the middle with you. Actually, you’re stuck with me. And, the real lyrics read clowns as opposed to signs, but clowns are scary AF. And, signs, particularly signs political in nature are on my mind. Today’s ten minute drive to my son’s preschool yielded some raw data: we passed 8 Trump/Pence signs, 1... Read more »

I went high, and the world went so very low: a tale about fraud

I’ve been a judgmental bitch lately, or, at the very least, I’ve felt that way. It’s hard not to pass judgement on others when everyone is just letting his or her crazy all out there online. This election has brought out the worst in folks, and I’m lumped into the mix. I told myself to... Read more »

For the days you are feeling like the Least Valuable Player

There are no recognition awards in motherhood. No one is going to offer you a plaque for x amount of years of service. There’s no lateral movement, no raises to obtain. Hell, there’s no performance report (I’d get a needs improvement from my 5 year old who just cannot UNDERSTAND WHY! I limit his screen... Read more »

Elijah's birth story (and a personality theory)

Get a group of young moms together and someone’s going to mention childbirth. It’s this thing we all did (albeit different ways). It’s big. It’s traumatic. It unites us, no matter how far along we are down the road of parenthood. The details aren’t always for the faint of heart, but mothers are not faint-hearted.... Read more »