Stable Mable is actually two wonderful gals, Megan and Sarah. They are both loving moms, big dreamers and all around great gal pals. Plus, they both have great hair.

Megan was the original Stable Mable before being a mable was even cool. Prone to hyperventilating, tales of grandeur, and sneeze-peeing a little from time to time (can I get a hell yeah, moms?) she’s anything but stable. Megan’s living large at home with her two little men, Elijah and Noah, and Saint D (her loving husband, Derek). She works part time, largely because she likes to dress up and spin in office chairs, and spends the rest of her time dominating in children’s obstacle courses and pillow-fort building.

Sarah Rose is the newest mover and shaker on Stable Mable. When Sarah’s not enjoying her swanky gig as a Freelance PR gal and writer, she’s enjoying the sweet baby kisses of her son, Rowan, and the tiny fluttering kicks of Babytron. Sarah’s taking this whole motherhood thing by storm, as her adoring husband, Ryan, watches in wonder. It’s been said that Sarah’s “the next Martha Stewart, but with more swearing and better hair.” Martha better hold onto her buns, because Sarah’s hell bent on taking over the world (with glitter!), stopping only to hug every precious puppy she meets!

There are a few ways to find us, and we invite you to do so. Stable Mable is on Facebook at Stable Mable.

And, nothing, NO NOTHING tops a good old fashioned email to us @ stablemable31@gmail.com