Thankful for the bonus days of summer

Look, I hate coats. I didn’t use to loathe them quite the same way before I had kids. In fact, in the past I looked forward to burrowing in my favorite jacket and hood. Now, the thought of outwear straight ticks me off. 

It’s all because I’ve learned of the exquisite torture of being tasked with putting a little person IN a coat. Babies are docile and will usually oblige but with squirms and wails. And, if you’ve ever done all the work of putting on a full coat just to hear a diaper fill up INSIDE the coat, I feel your pain. Toddlers are terrible—plain old,terrible coat wearers. Preschoolers are distracted at best, and elementary age kiddos are aces at losing coats and accessories. 

So here we are in the bonus days of summer where life could have gone either way. I could be piling on sweatshirts and hats (a lesser and nicer sentence, but still WORK) but instead we are rocking shorts and tees. 

And we are playing outside–literally every chance we get because I know the way this works. Mother nature giveth and taketh and imma grab all she’s got to give (that sounded unintentionally vulgar, which is a sign of the times, huh?). 

Anyway, I’ve got a trampoline to jump on, or a walk to take, or pool to jump in and you better believe I’ll be first in line. I’m thankful for these bonus days of summer where life is sweet and coats are a still-distant memory. 

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