Mable Megan's back- to -school organization pep talk

Mable Megan's back- to -school organization pep talk

FULL DISCLOSURE: This pep talk is for me. I need “the talk” so my life doesn’t fall to shambles once that school bus rolls down the street. Bonus if any of what I have to say helps you. Double bonus if any of what you have to say can help me…

So, school time is soon to be upon us. I’ve got two weeks to get my booty in gear as my oldest approaches his first day of Kindergarten. I’m still a teacher at heart, so I’m basically born for this. So, why is the pep talk necessary? One word:


I’m awful at waking up and jumping into the game. I like a good snooze, a hundred stretches, 2 chapters of a book, and all the Facebook status updates before my precious toes hit the ground. My boys have become men of leisure now that I’m home full time (it took a while to “unschedule” my oldest who was used to waking up early and following a routine before I dropped him off on my way to work). They play in their rooms or watch a cartoon before I fully get out of bed bc I’ve managed to get a few things right in life.

Now, the alarm is going to go off and I’m going to have to spring into action (no way am I setting it early to provide extra time, duh). I did some crowd sourcing with some of the ridiculously cool moms I know. They taught me that they are waaaaaaay better at this than I am, but they also shared their tips and tricks with me. I can’t include them all, but I can break them down in my own lazy-mom way.

1. Do all the things you can the night before (or earlier)

Seriously, the friends who responded to my plea for organization help had incredibly impressive and organized ideas about how to lay out clothes, prepack lunches, and set backpacks up for the early morning hustle. I’m maybe not that good at all of that, but I did learn that IF you can do something ahead of time, save yourself the struggle in the morning and do it.

2. Train your kids

I am not a quiet mom, but I don’t want to be using my big mama voice every.single.morning to get these kids going. Teaching them well the first few (hundred) times through the routine, and keeping that routine will pay off. When kids know what to expect, they can do what’s expected.

3. Keep ahead of the game

Whether that’s figuring out what your gonna do with alllll that paper they bring home, when you are going to sift through allll the emails his/her school sends (that’s not just our school right?!), or where you are going to keep your personal stash of post its/thank you cards/envelopes/ WINE (an amazing tip; thanks AH)

4. Meal plan it up

Schedules get busy but people gotta eat. I, personally, hate cooking even when I have oodles of time to do so. I hate cooking even more when I have 2 sets of puppy dog eyes looking up at me asking what’s for dinner. Meal planning SUCKS in theory, but works in execution. Having what you need around when you need it just makes life easier. There are tons of delivery services out there, and while I’ve never tried something so dang fancy, I just might this fall.

5. Enjoy it and remember you aren’t perfect

Fine, I didn’t exactly get this advice, but I’m giving it. I could genuinely tell that the wonderful moms who responded with lengthy answers loved doing a good job of keeping things together—its why we are all doing this. We love our kiddos and ourselves. There will come a day when bus pick up times are a thing of the past and empty lunch boxes will sit untouched in our pantries. Kids are only small once, and our run through the experience as their moms doesn’t have to be flawless.

I guarantee that my kid will be late one day. I can pretty much also assure you that there will be days he’s put his clothes on backwards or his lunch is a crazy mix of leftovers. I’m going to go right ahead and let myself know right now that it’s okay. I love him and I freakin’ tried. I might fail one week, but I’m probably going to have more successes than failures.

And, as a final note, I fully intend on TRYING to replicate the amount of positive energy my own mom had in the mornings as she got us ready for school. There are few moms who woke her kids up with the drums of Ricky Ricardo or the bass lines of Prince, but mine did. She waged a full out dance party before we hit the door, and she made our days better because of it.

I’ll try to hold on to as many details as I can, but ehhh, I’m going to dance!

Good luck as you begin your back-to-school prep. Drop me a line and let me know how its going.

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