To My Children: Do Not Be Afraid of the World...

To my children, present and future:

I love you so much that I could die. But listen here: I refuse to let you be afraid of the world. You are the most special snowflake, and that’s never an insult because snowflakes are beautiful and can always band together to shut down entire states, and you need your voice to be heard. Just always remember that your momma loved you and wanted you to speak up, speak up so loud they have to turn the speakers down. I hope when you speak up, for whatever cause you are standing behind, that your voice is filled with love.

For Christmas this year Santa Clause brought you a plastic globe that has fun buttons that each sing the song of that regions people. That globe is my favorite if only because my toddler has come to say “Europe” (uhwupp!) and “Asia” (Ayya!). It has brought me great joy to teach my children bits of languages of different nations and some different customs. Our little plastic globe has inspired my favorite part of the day, the part where I get to tell you not to be afraid of the rest of the world. There is a big map of the world in the baby’s room and the three of us like to point to where we will adventure to someday. I want my children to be deeply in love with the world and its inhabitants—so much so that you fight for what you believe is right and for equality and you see corners of the globe. I want you to see places and learn things and meet people from all walks of life.

The world is in a weird spot right now and it’s anxiety-inducing. It’s reasonable to be concerned, it’s not reasonable to allow yourself to be filled with hatred. Please do not get swept up in the doom-and-gloom of it all. Please do not fall silent when things matter to you. Please speak up and peacefully get your point across. Please do not judge people based solely on their religion or skin color or gender (but you can judge them on whether or not they are nice to the waiter when they eat in restaurants, that’s pretty telling). Not every feminist is a man-hating psychopath, not every liberal is a hypocritical crybaby, not every conservative is a racist asshole. We are living in a time where people based their entire judgment of a person’s life and being on one or two words they identify with. This isn’t okay and I’m not okay with my children falling victim to the mode of thinking. Don’t judge someone based on one single thing you know about them. This will make you an asshole and I’m not okay with you being an asshole.

Sometimes the world is a scary place but I hope if I do one thing in this life it is that I teach you to look for the good and stand up for what is right. Be educated about global issues, be proactive in your peaceful fight for what is right, be open to new people and places and experiences. Be so in love with the word and open to the many different types of people who live on this planet that you never stop wanting what is right for all of us.

Please, please if you do one thing just be the good.


Mable Sarah

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