What the Cubs win will teach my sons

I remember my first Cubs game with my parents. We sat in nearly empty seats, and everyone was more excited about gobbling down ballpark food than actually watching the game. I remember my Dad telling me the truth about being a Cubs fan. “You are a Cubs fan and it isn’t about winning.” I remained a Cubs fan throughout the years. I went here and there to see a game, but mostly to soak up the fun (and later, beer) at Wrigley. I’ve never stepped foot in Guaranteed Rate Field. I don’t despise the Sox or anything. I’m just loyal.

And, loyalty is what the Cubs and Cubs fans will teach my sons. The 2016 team fought against, ohhhh 108 years of odds, and rose to the top of their game. They didn’t give up on themselves even when the situation looked grim. And even when things looked really, REALLY grim, nobody walked away. They played the game until the end.

Cubs fans did (and have done) the same. They’ve proudly flown their W’s when they could. They’ve taken flack year after year, and still remained loyal to their team.

Loyalty is pretty scarce these days, and I’m lucky that my boys can see such a fine example of this from our team, its fans and our city. I couldn’t be more proud to see that loyalty pay off, though, for life-long fans it’s not about the win, it is, and always has been about supporting our team.

The Cubs win will teach my sons the value of loyalty, and that sticking by your team (and/or your ideals, or beliefs, your intuitions) will always, always, always pay off.


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