6 more days

I think I’m losing hair over this election (I refuse to believe that it could, in fact, be aging related). I’m certainly stressed…and baffled, bewildered, and befuddled. I have absolutely no idea how America, home of the best and the brightest, has let an absolute buffoon run for President. Nay, we haven’t just let him run; as a country we have shown him support.

I’ve written against him as calmly and collectedly as I could muster. I’ve offered my sincerest thoughts about the America he would make and my fears about my life in a Trump-led country. I’ve been silent in my support for Clinton because I’ve been listening. She had my support from the get-go, but I figured there HAD to be a reason that so many wanted to slam her actions and deny her their vote. And, while I certainly don’t find a spotless political record, Clinton’s is one I will openly support over Trump’s.

The same way some of my posts are trolled by angry male readers, Clinton is trolled by angry men unwilling to accept leadership by a woman. The same political moves that would have been labeled “deft” or “cut-throat” had they been performed by a MALE instead have males everywhere yelling that a woman simply fucked up…again. And, pretty basically that we, as women, are only capable of fucking up because we simply aren’t as smart. It is blatant sexism in its absolute grandest form.

We are a country founded on beliefs, and I don’t believe in what Trump stands for. I urge you, as vehemently as I can, to look, REALLY look at what this man stands for. I urge you to listen, just listen to the America he wants to create and to ask yourself if this is what you really believe. We are a country created by “others” who came here to make a better life. We are a country created by the belief that we all have rights. We are a country founded on the very things he seeks to destroy. Please read, learn, and listen.

So, right now, maybe even as you read this, I’m voting for our first female president. I’m voting early because I’ve known for too long what is right,to vote for an intelligent, proven, and capable candidate. Today there are only 6 more days of the election remaining. In 6 more days the fate of our country will become clear. In 6 days my heart will either swell with joy that in my lifetime a woman, a strong, nasty woman will become president. Or, in 6 days my heart may break at the very thought that my country is run by the personification of evil.

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