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For the days you are feeling like the Least Valuable Player

There are no recognition awards in motherhood. No one is going to offer you a plaque for x amount of years of service. There’s no lateral movement, no raises to obtain. Hell, there’s no performance report (I’d get a needs improvement from my 5 year old who just cannot UNDERSTAND WHY! I limit his screen... Read more »

Elijah's birth story (and a personality theory)

Get a group of young moms together and someone’s going to mention childbirth. It’s this thing we all did (albeit different ways). It’s big. It’s traumatic. It unites us, no matter how far along we are down the road of parenthood. The details aren’t always for the faint of heart, but mothers are not faint-hearted.... Read more »

Where are all the boy books?

Where are all the boy books?
I’m a mom. I’m a teacher. I was one before the other, both at one time, and now technically only one of the aforementioned (though I can never turn a title “off”). I knew a thing or two about reading: to read to my babies, to model reading for pleasure, to move gently with phonics,... Read more »