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4 tips for the boy mom

4 tips for the boy mom
I’m a boy mom, and proud of it. I’ve learned great deal about the opposite gender in my few years of raising boys. I was privy to what was coming my way beforehand—the energy, the potty humor, the energy spent creating potty humor. True to form, my boys have lived up to the expectations set... Read more »

Selfies with sleeping babies: my nap time source of entertainment

He slept, I didn't. And I took a selfie with a sleeping baby.
My kids sleep like rocks. They are the type of kids that need to be woken up in the afternoon to get on with life. They would snooze until dinner if I let them. None of this is a complaint, because I’m very certain I’ve been bestowed a great gift from the nap gods. I... Read more »

Sometimes your family photos end up looking like a wet t-shirt contest

Occasionally, I try too hard. I admit it. I live in a world filled with staged Instagram photos: women with naturally windblown hair (that isn’t in their eyes), kids with outfits cooler than my own, perfectly placed food on plates, and shabby yet totally new and clean homes. I try to remember that most of... Read more »

In the age of zen moms I might not be one of them...

I need to open this post with some hardcore honesty. Last week both of my darling children were being darling demons. Both were crying, screaming, and clinging. All. Day. Long. At one point, after hours of debating if I should call a priest and have my children exorcised, I made sure they were both safe... Read more »

I've got a bad case of mom guilt

Yes, I’ve got a bad case of mom guilt today. I took my little guys to the park to play this morning. We excitedly ran from play set to play set, climbed up hills, and threw rocks into a nearby creek. After an hour or so of romping around I sat down at a nearby... Read more »