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"Daddy Has Sugar Problems" AKA What I'll Need to Tell My Kids

Over the weekend we had a bit of a terrifying incident at the ol’ Guffster household. After a few days of battling the stomach flu my husband was laying on the kitchen floor shaking a bit, vomiting, and barely able to talk enough to tell me to get his glucose pen so I could stab... Read more »

When my babies aren't babies anymore

My youngest son turns two tomorrow. I’m more of a sobbing mess than I thought I would be. Indeed, I wished for this day, for the day when he could walk and talk for himself. I’ve fantasized about the day when he wouldn’t need me for every single little thing. And while I know he’s... Read more »

What I Wish I Could Tell Every New Mom about Postpartum Depression.

For a long time I was really embarrassed to admit something about my post-birth life. It wasn’t my jiggly belly or raging under-eye bags, but my battle with mild postpartum depression. My fellow Mable Megan has written about her experience with PPD and I’m so proud of her and others that share their stories. There... Read more »

The No-Nap Chronicles: Volume One

Nap Log 2016 Subject: Rowan Lee William Sunday, 01/10/16 10:01am Subject’s terrible parents take him to visit his Great Grandma knowing said visit will overlap a tiny bit with the usual (if there is a usual) nap time. Subject begins to rub eyes. Parents still (stupidly) stop at the store for “essentials” as the pregnant... Read more »

How to take a shower by yourself in 15 easy steps

How to take a shower by yourself in 15 easy steps
Many may be reading this and wondering why in the world I’m penning a “how to” about showering solo. Moreover, a number of you may be questioning how this seemingly simple activity takes 15 steps. For most of us, showering occurs when you 1. Decide to shower 2. Get up and enter the shower, and... Read more »

There are two "F" words and one is totally off limits for my kid.

In my house there are two “F” words. There’s the usual four letter one that rhymes with puck or truck and then there’s a three letter one that is thrown around easily but can really cut deep: fat. I know my kids will slip at some point and say both but I’m hoping to keep... Read more »