This Mom’s Christmas List

With Christmas right around the corner (seriously, how did that happen so fast?), so many littles are busy making Christmas lists for Santa and pretending they weren’t naughty all year long because there is the looming threat of nothin’ but coal. When I was a kid I used to have this last minute fear every Christmas Eve of getting coal and how shameful it’d be to have to show my grandma that Santa brought me nothing but a lump of crap.

With those fears of coal long behind me, or so I hope, I’ve made a small list of everything my mom heart desires from the big guy this Christmas:

A full night of sleep.
My 13 month old is the love of my life and the still point of my moving universe. He also is a party animal who prefers playing over sleeping and still wakes between one and four times on any given night due to teething and/or growing pains and/or wanting to play with Matchbox cars at 2am. On those precious nights he sleeps for a solid 8 hours the tiny babe in my belly usually happens to wake me up with sciatica pains or needing to pee approximately 12,547 times a night. If you can’t bring a full night of sleep please bring me a solution to these under eye circles at least, a girl needs to look fresh if she’s going to be on zombie status 90% of the time.

Calorie-free cake.
No explanation needed. This is just a real thing the world needs.

All those things you shouldn’t indulge in when pregnant.
During my first pregnancy I was all green smoothies and prenatal yoga. This time around? I have a child who runs me ragged some days and I dream about that first (giant) cup of coffee I’m going to have post-birth and that first (even more giant) glass of wine I’m going to have after a few weeks of nursing are done. Come May, Santa, please bring me all the caffeines.

A maid…and a personal chef…and a professional organizer.
Sometimes moms just need those things. Ask your wife, Santa, she’ll get it. Those elves probably make a million messes a day and who is making them healthy, balanced meals every day? Who is creating an organized mud room space to keep Ping Pong and Boopsy the elves’ backpacks and tiny elf shoes separate and snuggled in their own personalized cubbies? I doubt it’s you. Moms want help.

More of the same.
More laughter, more silly faces, more coloring, more tight hugs, more sloppy kisses, more tiny baby kicks in my belly, more healing boo-boos with a snuggle, more ultrasound photos to gush over, more tiny voices saying “Ma.” More of being a momma in all of its beautiful messiness for every Christmas forever, please.

Dearest Santa, I’ve been excellent this year so please be a cool dude and bring me all of the above. If you do I can promise homemade cookies and maybe a spiked dairy drink will await you at this home.

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Happy holidays and merry Christmas, all!

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