Keeping Mom Resolutions Real for 2016

My name is Sarah and I am addicted to making new year’s resolutions. In the final days of every year I am among the clichéd masses who are reassessing their lives and making plans to do all the things in the coming 365 days. I’m not too bad at keeping up with my resolutions and over the years have learned to make them more attainable. I can still remember the year I vowed to get a new job, lose 80 pounds when I didn’t have that to lose, and take at least three vacations when I only had a week’s worth of vacation days…and that was on a list of at least 10 resolutions! There’s nothing like setting yourself up for failure. Now that I’m a little older and just a tad bit wiser, I’m keeping my resolutions simple and doable (or so I hope).

Drum roll please! My mom-centric resolutions for 2016:


Get the sleep situation under control

This is priority numero uno. I’ve mentioned before that my dearest, beloved, most wonderful boy is not so wonderful when it comes to bed time. Our bedtime battle can last hours and it wears on both of us. I am armed with some toddler-specific resource guides and a new resolve to get this tiny man of mine sleeping a bit better and hating bedtime a little less.


Make special time for each baby guilt free

It’s so crazy to me that this time next year I will be a mom of two. When I first found out I was expecting again I was over the moon but had some secret guilt about my first babe having to share me and my time with someone new. As I talk to other moms and do a bit of research, I am making it a goal to make special time for each kid every day even on those really hard days. I think that newborns just automatically get a lot of special one-on-one time, right? I mean my first baby spent most of his time tucked into my arms or attached to my boob, so I’m more worried about the toddler in our situation. Whether it’s a quick five minute snuggle on the couch before bed or accompanying my older to tumbling class while Daddy stays home with the newbie, I want to make sure both of my babies get just a smidge of mom-and-me time on the regular.


Stay sane and remember to make time for little, ol’ me

Speaking of folks who need time with me….ME. At some point I’ll talk in depth about my experience with mild post partum depression but a huge thing for me was being alone a lot of the time but never having alone time. I was always home alone with the baby but rarely had a small window of time to shower by myself or took the time to enjoy a trip to the store by myself when possible. I didn’t feel comfortable taking the baby out alone for a long time so I felt very isolated and when someone offered to help with the baby I always took those precious minutes to clean the house or start a load of laundry. This year, even after baby two is here, I’d like to go on more adventures (giving myself that reasonable window to just stay home and recoup from that whole birth thing and all) and be sure to get out once new babe is old enough. And when someone offers to take both babes for a bit, I’m going to try to remember sometimes that I should use the time to nap or have a cup of coffee and read a magazine instead of worry about chores or pumping my boobs out.

With my small arsenal of resolutions and that exciting feeling of a clean slate I am ready to grab 2016 by the balls…in a good way, of course. Are you looking for a great way to ring in 2016 with a bang? Subscribe to more Mable! The Mable list is spam-free and you can opt out any ol’ time.

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Are you making any resolutions for the new year? Let us know in the comments and cheers to a happy and healthy 2016!

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