What I've learned about strong women

I’ve learned a thing or two about strong women in my day. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by many, many strong women, and I can’t help but learn from the positive example they set. Sometimes these women aren’t aware of their strength. Sometimes they never intended to be strong, but are inescapably so. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

*Strong women aren’t necessarily rabble-rousers. They don’t go out looking for conflict, but rather refuse to back down from what they believe, no matter the problems that may cause.

*Strong women don’t “endure” their experiences. Strong women are present and active in their experiences. Strong women learn from what life has dealt them, and school the rest of us on how to learn from them too.

*Strong women don’t complain. Complaining is different from venting frustrations (vent away, strong women). Complaining gets nothing done and is a waste of energy.

*Strong women ask for help. Look, it takes strength to admit that you can’t do it all or that help is needed. It is strength that requests help, not weakness.

*Strong women carry love in their hearts. I’ve know women who could simply resign to bitterness and anger. They don’t. Somehow, they find a way to love those around them, and to love their life. Strong women don’t stop loving.

To all the strong women out there, thank you. Thank you for sharing your strength with us and for teaching me how to be just a little bit stronger.

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