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Nose Frieda: the most disgusting and totally necessary mom tool

You guys, I swore I would never use it, the Nose Frieda. I mean, the words snot and sucker are literally in the title. And, furthermore, that is literally what this contraption does; it sucks the freakin’ snot from kids noses USING the parents mouth. My mouth. My kid’s snot. So. Gross. Despite the recommendation... Read more »

The 116 things I am throwing away

In my late night rock-the-sick-baby-to-sleep surfing, I came across this list of 116 things to throw away. I’ll be honest, I’m ashamed to admit how many of these things are floating around my house, messing up my drawers and generally driving me nuts. I sort of pride myself on being an organizer and a purger,... Read more »

What I've learned about strong women

I’ve learned a thing or two about strong women in my day. I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by many, many strong women, and I can’t help but learn from the positive example they set. Sometimes these women aren’t aware of their strength. Sometimes they never intended to be strong, but are inescapably so. Here’s... Read more »