5 reasons being a mommy blogger is a tough job

Sometimes being a mommy blogger is a tough job. No need to call the whamulance; I’m not complaining. The opportunity to blog is pretty- darn- cool. The opportunity to blog about something I’m passionate about is pretty-darn-cooler. While it is a tough job, I’m happy to rise to the occasion, even if I battle the following:


1. There’s nothing more personal than parenting. Tensions can run high around certain issues. Parents invest their hearts and souls into their littles. They will defend their parenting choices to the death.

2. In relation to #1, there are a million ways to achieve an end with parenting. Many think that their advice is best. Others think the same advice is shit. What works for one doesn’t work for another. Good luck trying to wade through that!

3. It is very easy to enter the TMI zone. This rings true both in what I choose to disclose about my kids (they will be 16 one day and able to read this) and in what others feel comfortable disclosing to you because you are a mom blogger. Poop is usually involved.

4. Kids. Are. Exhausting. They are lovable, and fulfilling, but goddamn, they are exhausting. I often times have blog ideas running through my head during the day, but find that I’m simply too drained to write, or write well. I just might be witty and engaging at 7 o’clock in the evening. I’m brain dead by 11 o’clock when I finally have a free chance to write.

5. Sometimes, after working that parenting job allll day, the last thing you want to do is talk/read about parenting. Thankfully, blogging here doesn’t trap me in the “parent zone,” but it is sometime difficult to see the world outside of my present here and now. Poetry and politics have been replaced with, well, poop and potty training. Some want to read your stories and takes on the situation. Others want run screaming from your poopy blog.

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