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Melissa: my middle school savior

It’s Blogapalooz-hour again! The ChicagoNow bloggers are asked to get off their sweet haunches and write a post in an hour about an assigned topic. Tonight’s topic is this tear-jerker: “Write about a friend or acquaintance from your childhood with whom you’ve lost touch.” I’m about to lay it all out here, below. Enjoy! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________... Read more »

5 lies I've told my child so far

Life is hard, and telling the truth isn’t always easier. I live with a precocious 4 year old. The man’s got questions. He also has a natural flair for the dramatic (no idea where he got that) and blows little problems out of proportion. My mom forgot to tell me not to lie (a lie,... Read more »

5 reasons being a mommy blogger is a tough job

Sometimes being a mommy blogger is a tough job. No need to call the whamulance; I’m not complaining. The opportunity to blog is pretty- darn- cool. The opportunity to blog about something I’m passionate about is pretty-darn-cooler. While it is a tough job, I’m happy to rise to the occasion, even if I battle the... Read more »