What my family photo doesn't say

The adage is that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” I’ve always loved that saying, and have frequently found myself going back to old pictures and remembering the tale they have to tell. Today my mind is spinning about what my family photo does not say. A friend and photographer, Cynthia Robertson, snapped this GORGEOUS photo of my family.


What this photo doesn’t say is that one of us is a depressive. Two of us have anxiety issues. One of us has worked to overcome OCD. One of us is gifted and different from his peers. Three or more of us are intense type A personalities. We have all failed at something. We have all fallen.

The world shouldn’t judge people for their struggles, rather, it should celebrate them for their accomplishments. Time shouldn’t be spent dwelling on what cannot be changed, but instead should be focused on what good can be done, what love can be cherished, and what lessons can be learned from this love. We are not perfect, but we are lucky. We’ve cultivated a family built on love and perseverance, and we couldn’t be any better because of it.

To my husband, my sweet Saint D- It’s been a wonderful 5 years. I love you and our family with all my heart. Thank you for always holding me in your heart and your arms.  

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