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The Sweetest Tomorrow

Blogapoolz-hour is upon us again. It is time for the “cat-cow” (yoga reference, folks) stretch that every writer waits for-a deep inhale of excitement, followed by a release of creativity. Our leader supplied us with the following topic to write on in just one hour: “Write about your tomorrow. Not figuratively, literally write about anything... Read more »

Why I'm unplugging my children

For their own well being, I am choosing to unplug my children. Yes, we are going to be that weird house where the television isn’t the center of attention. Yes, we are going to have those kids that stare mesmerized at video games on your cell phone. No, I don’t care if they watch a... Read more »

Do essential oils work: well deserved hype or hogwash?

I’m halfway to being a shaman, or at least it feels that way as of late. I’ve been on a health kick. I’ve upped my water intake to near drowning. I’ve replaced many packaged foods with whole foods. I practice yoga every damn day. And now I’ve got a pocket full of essential oils on... Read more »

If I could keep them little forever...

If I could keep them little forever, I would. It’s selfish. I know I need to let them grow. I’m excited to see the choices they will make. I want to watch them find themselves. I even want to see them fail, and learn to come back from failure. I want to see the fine... Read more »

On Mother's Day: A newbie's wish and a veteran's wisdom

Megan Drozd and Leslie Kahn are two “mommy bloggers” with ChicagoNow. Though they come from different generations, they share an intense love for their children, humor, and friendship. This is one of two collaborative posts on the theme of motherhood. Please visit the second post through the link provided at the conclusion of this piece.... Read more »