Teaching love, acceptance, and pride

If it was possible to reach out through the internet and give y’all a big ‘ol wet kiss I would do it. I’d be smooching for a while after all the support my last post about tattooed parents received. I want to thank you—friends and strangers alike—for showing such positive support of tattooed parents. Through comments, shares, likes, and excited texts you really proved that judgement is only reserved for the close-minded, and that love, acceptance and pride can conquer all.

I am proud of the artwork on my body because it represents who I am (I literally wear it on my sleeve). I am proud to teach my boys about being different. I am proud to teach them how to see the beauty in others who are different too (because, aren’t we all different from one another, and isn’t that really a good thing?). I remember my son questioning his hairstylist about a facial piercing. He asked an innocent question, and she looked scared to field it. Without hesitation, I answered that she had a piercing on her face, and she put it there because she wanted to look beautiful. He smiled. She smiled. We learned about acceptance.

Thank you for your love and acceptance.

With pride,
Stable Mable


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