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I was wrong about being a mother

So, in order to challenge its bloggers, Chicago Now invites us to participate in a writing exercise where we have 6o minutes to draft and publish a post. It’s sadistic. And fun. Kinda like sadistic fun. The topic chosen for us tonight is as follows: Write about a time when you made a mistake or... Read more »

5 ways to participate in Earth Day right away

I’ve always been well intentioned but a creature of habit. This holds true when it comes to any type of attempted conservation effort on behalf of the #1 mama, Mother Earth. I gave cloth diapering a good go, but slunk back to my old disposable ways after several um, leaks, of sorts. I have a... Read more »

Teaching love, acceptance, and pride

If it was possible to reach out through the internet and give y’all a big ‘ol wet kiss I would do it. I’d be smooching for a while after all the support my last post about tattooed parents received. I want to thank you—friends and strangers alike—for showing such positive support of tattooed parents. Through... Read more »

Moms with tattoos: are we as horrible as everyone thinks we are?

Ah yes, the sweet smell of spring is in the air. Chicagoans start the process of peeling off the 15 layers of clothing they wear to keep warm during what seems like a never ending winter. Legs get shaved, toes polished, and arms see the light of day. For me, another season starts: tattooed-mom judgment... Read more »

Moms having fun

Fun in a blanket fort for Kelli and her son
I believe in the power of play. I believe that the simple things in life count far more than anyone realizes. I believe that the smiles on my sons’ faces are truly the greatest sights to behold. I believe in having fun with my kids, and sometimes letting that be my only job. I’m starting... Read more »