Moms having fun

I believe in the power of play. I believe that the simple things in life count far more than anyone realizes. I believe that the smiles on my sons’ faces are truly the greatest sights to behold. I believe in having fun with my kids, and sometimes letting that be my only job.

I’m starting to worry that Pinterest is ruining the world. Okay, fine, my last assertion is a tad too epic, even for me. But, I am worried.

A simple search of “fun with kids” yields hundreds of activities you can do with your kids to keep them entertained and properly stimulated. You can even grab a handy list of 47 ways that YOU can be a fun mom (spoiler alert: tell your child a knock-knock joke is actually ON the list). Whelp, if I ran the world, Pinterest would return only one result, black and white letters that state: play with your babies.

Yup, that’s it. Put all that competes for your attention away, and play with your babies (no matter how big your babies are). There’s no need for an elaborate activity, or hand-crafted costume rack. There’s only you, and your kids. Throw in a blanket, or a ball, a goofy mask, a paper microphone, some water, or some super sweet shades and you’ve got yourself a real hootenanny.

Fun doesn’t have to be elaborate. Fun doesn’t have to cost a dime. Fun is simply letting go and letting live for a short time (or a long time, if you are lucky like me and give two shits about housework or are free of deadlines).

So, for your viewing pleasure, enjoy the gallery beautiful moms having fun with their kids.

Nothing is more important the the work that moms do and nothing is sweeter than when we as moms can combine the work we do with the simplicity of fun. Nothing looks more radiant on us than the smiles on our faces and the love in our eyes. Get silly mamas. Get pictures so you can all remember it and laugh again one day. Aw heck, send them my way because I’d love to feature more mom fun in a future post!

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