5 ways to participate in Earth Day right away

I’ve always been well intentioned but a creature of habit. This holds true when it comes to any type of attempted conservation effort on behalf of the #1 mama, Mother Earth. I gave cloth diapering a good go, but slunk back to my old disposable ways after several um, leaks, of sorts. I have a number of reusable containers (see:avalanche) and sandwich bags, but often times find myself reaching for plastic bags to pack up left overs or lunches.

I mean well. I’m just pressed for time. But, today’s the day. Here’s my list of 5 ways I can participate in Earth Day right away:

1. Break an old habit

Do you leave the water running when you brush? Stop. Can your house be seen from space because you have every light on at once? Turn them off. Do it. Now.

2. Reuse something you have laying around

Think outside the box. Rip some old shirts up and create a rag bin. Flip an old container around, or drill holes in it, or paint it, or set the damn thing on fire, just use it another way. I’m super guilty of throwing away containers I could use for something (with just a little ingenuity), and instead buying something new for the job. Which leads me to…

3. Don’t buy what you don’t need

Target, you minx, this is directed at you. Your flashy displays always make me FEEL like I need something new when I do not. My house is full of stuff I don’t need. Oh, that reminds me…

4. Donate and thrift

You might not need an item anymore, but someone else may have a use for it. Donate it. Then, when you need something, check out what’s been donated and see if you can put some new life in it. I’m a huge thrifter. Check out my amazing thrift store purchase from this weekend. Its okay to be jealous.

Really, I just wanted to brag about my shirt.

Really, I just wanted to brag about my shirt.

5. Make a goal and stick to it for at least a month

My husband (bless his heart) makes me cringe every time he reaches for a huge wad of paper towels for a small job. I know we are using more than our share, and creating more waste than necessary. So, starting today, we are “unpaper” toweling. Its just a fancy way of saying using rags instead of paper towels for most jobs (unless its something better thrown away). I’m starting today. I’m hiding the paper towels right now. No, I’m serious. I’m replacing them with a big stack of towels. We are going to do this for at least a month. I’m betting we won’t remember or miss our paper towel days much. Here goes nothing.

I’m open to other ideas, ladies and gents. Let’s hear ’em. I’m sure Mother Earth would fist bump you if she could.

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